Thursday, September 14, 2006

Crow Shoot

This was my sister Wendy’s, and appeard one Christmas when I was about five. It was a bit like a miniature funfair stall; an clockwork thing enclosed in clear plastic, with a gun that fired ball bearings at tin-plate cut-out crows that went by against the backdrop when you wound it up. I only remember seeing it on Christmas morning, so I assume it didn’t last long, like many of these things. Not the sort of thing you'd be likely to see these days - shooting birds or animals is a bit of a no-no in the toy manufacturing world, I think... shooting each other in video games is fine, of course... I suppose because you know what you're getting into, not like the poor crows.
This brings to mind something else I once had... a shotgun that fired a sucker dart, which came with - no kidding - a clockwork plastic rabbit. I don't remember actually trying to shoot the rabbit with the gun more than once or twice, possibly because you had to get someone else to wind it up and set it off.... or else do it yourself, then pick up the gun and aim at the rabbit's bum - a much smaller targer - before the clockwork ran out.

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Amanda K said...

I had this game as a kid. The plastic box thing was supported by 2 open ended rectangular shaped metal wire. The 'gun' fired ball bearings at the crows which rotated on wind up. The gun could be secured ( I use the term loosely) by a thin wire with loops at each end. I loved this game!